Avicii's 'Hey Brother' Has Been Beaten Out By BTS To Be Played During The FIFA World Cup Final

Earlier this week FIFA started to poll fans their social media accounts to see which songs should be featured in the World Cup Final. Like the World Cup itself, the polling consisted 5 different groups songs which fans could choose to vote for. Each group would have a winner, making 5 songs that would be featured during the final.

Avicii’s ‘Hey Brother’ was in a group alongside BTS’ ‘Fake Love’ and the early 2010’s megahit, ‘Waving Flag’ by ‘K’naan’. Immediately fans were hoping to hear Avicii be played over the stadium loudspeakers, as the artist tragically passed away only a 10 weeks ago.

BTS Beats Out Avicii

It seems that the legions BTS fans stepped up their game to make sure that the K-Pop supergroup would be the winners.

Voting closed yesterday, and FIFA announced the winning tracks their Twitter account. After over 5 million votes were cast, they have come up with the 5 songs to be honored during the World Cup Final. Unfortunately, Avicii was bested this time.

Congratulations to all groups that won, and in 4 years the EDM community will have to come together with a little tighter voting in hopes paying homage to one the true legends.