Avicii’s documentary “True Stories” can be taking part in in a number of theaters this December!

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Avicii’s documentary “True Stories” will be playing in several theaters this December!

Avicii’s “True Stories” documentary can be coming to pick out theaters this Christmas season. As you would possibly know, just a few days in the past it was revealed that the producer’s documentary was to be thought-about for a 2019 Oscar nomination. Well, for a movie to be eligible for this award, it should “have performed in an L.A. County theater, for paid admission, for seven consecutive days, starting within the acceptable calendar 12 months” and that’s the reason “True Stories” can be taking part in on the Cinema Village theater in New York from December 21st till December 27th and within the Leammle Music Hall Theatre from Los Angeles, beginning with December 14th and ending on December 20th.

If you need to catch Avicii’s documentary, then be sure to remain tuned for its airing time!

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