Avicii And ABBA's Song From 5 Years Ago Is Holds A New Meaning Now

Avicii and ABBA are arguably the two biggest musical endeavors to ever come out the country Sweden. While we are all familiar with Avicii, the latter penned such hits as ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Mamma Mia’ which set the 70’s ablaze. Many are not aware that the group actually worked with Avicii five years ago on a song. Now listening to it after Tim’s passing, the angelic tune created to honor Sweden holds new meaning.

Avicii And ABBA – ‘We Write The Story’

In the song Avicii and Benny, and Bjorn from ABBA focus on not only honoring the legacy Sweden, and the many natural wonders the small nation holds, but also music as a whole. It is nowhere near what many fans might expect, as in – it is definitely not dance music. Instead, the track highlights the powerful musical ability the producer through angelic choirs and dramatic arrangements.

The lyrics to the song come with an added emotion knowing that their primary composer has passed. While we will always miss Avicii, his music will always live on forver.

“Welcome a new enlightenment
Welcome the glory
We can recast and reinvent
We can be strong

We have a choice in everything
We write the story
We have a voice and words to sing
We write the song”