Audien unfurls drum ‘n’ bass album fragment, ‘Reach,’ with Jamie Hartman – Dancing Astronaut

Audien continues to summon excitement ahead of his debut album—thanks to the steady release of stellar singles from the imminent compilation. He has put out what he deems to be one of his “favorite songs” he’s ever created, per a recent tweet of his. The next offering in the auspicious succession on the road to release day is entitled “Reach,” featuring Jamie Hartman.

“Reach” opens with a faint piano backdrop that flows under Hartman’s vocals. Audien typically enlists ethereal, female vocalists, but Hartman’s voice is a delicious detion from this standard. The track imbues an iridescent strain of subtle, exceedingly accessible drum ‘n’ bass, skittering briskly under Hartman’s sweetly galvanizing tenor.

“Reach” has garnered attention from the community even before its full release thanks to fellow DJs, like 3LAU’s praising of the piece. For those interested in catching Audien on his Escapism tour, tickets are available for purchase, here.