Astro Arcade: Slushii sonically brings Hi Rez Studios’ SMITE to life with ‘Valhalla’

Astro Arcade is where the intersection of esports, gaming, and music comes alive. Few things go better together than electronic music and this digital universe, so whether it is a game soundtrack by our favorite artists or a virtual in-game concert series, Astro Arcade is here to keep players and listeners alike informed as these worlds continue to collide.The intersection of Slushii‘s passion for gaming and music alike is most recently exemplified by “Valhalla,” a one-off that uses hardcore synths inspired by arcade-like sounds to catapult streamers into another world. With vocals slicing the heavy breaks, “Valhalla” would effortlessly soundtrack an intense fighting scene within a game.The single succeeds the news of Monstercat‘s recent partnership with High-Rez Studios’ SMITE, with “Valhalla” entering the game as part of Monstercat’s Battle Pass. Notably, “Valhalla’s” stems will integrate with gameplay as Slushii’s character Hades uses his abilities on the Battleground.Slushii discussed the process of producing music as part of the SMITE and Monstercat partnership, sharing,Featured image: RukesTags: , , , , ,
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