Armin van Buuren releases sixth single from forthcoming album, ‘All Comes Down,’ featuring Cimo Fränkel

Armin van Buuren can’t stay out of the headlines with a stream of single releases ahead of his first album release since 2015 and seventh album overall. The compilation, which is titled Balance, will be released in full on Oct. 25, and the producer has put out the next single from the album, “All Comes Down.” The track features Cimo Fränkel, whose vocals have been a popular choice as of late for electronic music tracks, the most recent of which is Arty‘s single release, “Daydreams,” on Armada Music. It is van Buuren’s second time collaborating with the vocalist after first release “Strong Ones.”

Van Buuren has put out an acoustic and original version of the song, both of which put Fränkel’s vocals front and center from the release’s outset. The original sees the producer revert back to his trance roots with ethereal notes that transport the listener to an otherworldly release of emotion as the introduction transitions to the drop. The track is able to take the listener to the peak moment of euphoria during one of van Buuren’s live sets within the minute-long cascading note progression between Fränkel’s polarizing vocals. The acoustic version heavily leans on piano notes that dance around the vocals, instilling a sense of calm in the listener compared to the upbeat energy of the original.

“All Comes Down” is the sixth single from Balance to be released, and it’s out now Armada Music.

Photo credit: Bart Heemskerk