Apashe Drops New EP And Once Again Proves To Be The King Of Trap

Apashe is an artist who you may not recognize name wise immediately, but you will absolutely recognize his music. The producer has a storied history releases which have been featured in countless commercials, viral videos, film trailers and so much more. In his latest EP Apashe once again demonstrates is powerful sound design ability throughout three gorgeous tracks.

The EP is called ‘Requiem’ and includes the tracks ‘Majesty’, ‘Dies Irae’, and ‘Lacrimosa’. The are all in the style we have come to love and associate with Apashe. Strong orchestral elements line out tracks full intense and raw trap arrangements. As always Apashe utilizes fantastic vocalists which further create memorable tunes. Overall Apashe has yet to find his final form, as it appears with each new release, comes another level expertise. Check out the EP below.