Anabel Englund and Jamie Jones share soothing house feeler, ‘Messing With Magic’ – Dancing Astronaut

LA-based Anabel Englund recently released a satiating dancefloor feeler, “Messing With Magic,” with Ibiza mainstay, Jamie Jones, through Ultra Records‘ Area 10 division. With a dark twist in the form of a brooding bass supporting Englund’s resonant vocals alongside heartbeat percussion, the track offers its due diligence with a sprinkle of light, uplifting piano chords. The verses dive back into a more menacing tone, as the hooks bring the piano house into play. An electro-techno synth line casually creeps in to add to the track’s nonchalant air.

“Messing With Magic” follows another Ultra release for Englund, “So Hot,” which received a remix from MK and Nightlapse. Her debut EP is set for release in 2020.