Afrojack Dropped 6 IDs At Ultra Europe 2018, Listen To His Entire Set Here

Afrojack has been making big moves so far in 2018. After a year experimenting with his sound in 2017, Afrojack has returned to his signature style dirty Dutch beats. Fans have received the artist’s new music with open arms. We now know for sure that Afrojack has a litany unreleased music.

Afrojack Drops Several News IDs At Ultra Europe 2018

We were able to track down Afrojack’s massive Ultra Europe set. Thanks to 1001Tracklists, we have discovered that during the set, the Dutch house pioneer dropped 3 unreleased tracks, one which had never been heard before. At 04:36, Afrojack brings in his ID with DOD. This tune has been heard in sets before, and we cannot wait for it to get an ficial release.

At 35:28 a never before heard track comes in. The crowd went absolutely wild during this one. It sounds like Afrojack is holding nothing back as 2018 pushes on deeper into its second half.

Around the 51 minute mark, Afrojack starts to bring in several unreleased songs from his side project with Jewelz & Sparks, AJXJS. All these are obviously true hits. Ultra Europe saw several incredible new tunes as well as some the best sets in 2018. Afrojack was without a doubt one the weekend’s most impressive artists.

Check out the full set below.