Above & Beyond pay respects to ‘Anjunafamily’ with latest release

If there’s any aspect of Above & Beyond’s immaculate reputation that’s more iconic than their ability to create timeless morsels of melodic, progressive beauty, it’s only to be found in their ability to forge honest and open connections with their inner-trance community. Where many DJs refer to the strong ties they have to their fan base, A&B simply refers to them as their “Anjunafamily.”

Accordingly, their latest release sees the London-born collective simply in the zone, weaving together angelic melodies, rich pads, and an ethereal string section before unfolding into an unabashedly gushy trance build that’s clearly been primed to withstand the test of time. The end result is peak-hour Above & Beyond, and clear ode to love that they receive worldwide.

Above & Beyond are scheduled to headline New York’s Electric Zoo festival Aug. 31 and will play a single show at the UK’s Royal Highland Centre before a two back-to-back nights in Colorado and Texas in September.