‘A Promise Is Made’ provides finale to DROELOE’s past, present, future EP series

With the release of A Promise Is Made, DROELOE draw their past, present, and future-themed EP series to a cinematic close. The 10-track album conceptually centers on the interpersonal distance that technology can create, with its lead single, “Virtual Friends” serving as a moody microcosm in its repetition of the lyrics “I don’t want to be alone, with my fingers on my phone.”

“Virtual Friends” successors, “Broken Bricks” and “Grind & Hustle” likewise appear on the A Promise Is Made track list, leaving steamers seven previously unreleased songs to shuffle through. A Promise Is Made is noticeably collaboratively light: Iris Penning, PJOTR V, and Kalulu are the sole artists whom DROELOE enlist on the EP. The result: a production that unadulteratedly foregrounds the inventive eccentricity of DROELOE’s sound.

Photo credit: DROELOE/Facebook