5 & A Dime Introduces Revolutionary New Way To Create Music

Philly native 5 & A Dime is known for creating some unique and interesting content, but I don’t think anyone saw this coming. The dj/producer is back introducing a new way to create and perform music, putting together something that has the potential to shake the foundation music creation as we know it.

In the video 5 & A Dime not only showcases his talents with production but also with his feet. You can see him performing on a DDR-Launchpad playing a mashup his, entitled “Damn I Feel Amazing.” The launchpad is synced to the music in a way where every time his feet hit a pad it produces a piece the song, so essentially he is performing the whole track live with his feet. Here is a quote from the man himself explaining more what went into the project:

So as you can tell, 5 & A Dime is no stranger to DDR and there is no doubt that he has truly impressed us with this unique way musical performance. We already knew his talents in production, and now it seems like we also have found that he can rip it on a DDR pad also!

Make sure to check out the video here…