45 Festivals Promise 50/50 Gender Equality in Lineups by 2022

Electronic music has been a genre long dominated by mostly male artists…but times are changing. As more and more female producers are beginning to make their mark in the EDM world, 45 music festivals worldwide have pledged to establish 50/50 gender balanced lineups by 2022.

The pledge comes in response to the Keychange initiative, which was implemented by the European PRS Foundation as a way to combat gender inequalities within the music industry. Within a press release discussing the Keychange initiative, PRS Foundation CEO Vanessa Reed stated, “Our focus on gender equality in 2018 aligns with the centenary for some women being given the vote in the UK. 100 years on, the push for gender parity across society continues and with increased public awareness inequalities across the creative industries we have an opportunity to respond and commit to tangible change in music.”

While the NYC Winter Jazzfest and A2IM Indie Week are the only U.S. festivals to have joined the cause thus far, more festivals are expected to get on board.