You Can Buy The Giant, Flame-Shooting Scorpion From Burning Man

As luck would have it, you can now purchase the giant, flame-shooting scorpion truck from Burning Man.

With the eBay auction currently set at a starting bid of $50,000, the Scorpion Art Car was “built on a 1991, 28-foot-long International boom truck, the Scorpion is a 55 feet long, 22-45 feet wide, 39-45 feet tall exact replica of a female emperor scorpion named Fluffy.” The description for the art car continues on by saying “The Scorpion boasts a computer controlled 7 gun flame thrower off the tail, 21 hydraulic points which make the arms, legs, and claws all move in a sinister spider manner including hydraulics which make the entire truck lift off the ground to produce the most eerie of effects. The project is “skinned”- as in made to look like an exact replica of a female emperor Scorpion with artistically placed and sculpted metal sheathing. The final touches are a steam punk look with rivets, textured fabrics and a patterned, oozy and highly mesmerizing multi- color light show.”

This incredible machine has been under operation for the past five years, but apparently the owners are ready to part ways with the creation. While the art car is now street-legal, good luck trying to drive this on the road anytime soon.

Take a look at the Scorpion Art Car in action in the video below: