Wook Returns To Electric Forest To Again Grill Full Steak Dinner During Bassnectar

Last year news a wook grilling a full steak dinner in the crowd Bassnectar at Electric Forest just about broke the internet. Not letting a tradition die, these hardened wooks have returned to the ranch to once again enjoy some live music while cooking up their steaks. This time the group has brought in some serious upgrades – A TABLE.

Electric Forest is one the most incredible music festivals in the world. What makes the fest so special is the unique crowd which champions a family and community atmosphere. If the steak nectar wook gang didn’t return to the Forest, things might just not have been the same.

Wooks Return With Steaks For Bassnectar at Electric Forest

This year the gang brought a table and set themselves a little further back in the crowd. They can’t risk having their brethren accidentally burning their (almost definitely) bare feet on the coals their fire. It really is thoughtful if we’re being honest.

Check out the pictures steak nectar round 2 below.