Wavedash & Quest Releases Brutal New EP, 'Devil Music' Off MAD ZOO

Every generation champions a new genre music. Rock hit the scene in the 50’s, then protest songs the 60’s, soon disco took over in the 70’s, electronica and pop in the 80’s, hip-hop and rap in the 90’s and course dance music in the 2000’s. What do all these seemingly unlike genres have to do with each other? They were demonized by older generations the time as being ‘Devil Music’ or promoting radical ideas that go against the grain polite society. Wavedash and Quest have doubled down on this sentiment with their latest EP f Mat Zo’s MAD ZOO imprint.

Wavedash & Quest – ‘Devil Music

This trio artists have dropped a three track EP which pushes the limit even bass music. Mat Zo wanted to highlight artists who are producing without expectation and taking chances to help push the accepted boundaries electronic music to new limits. Wavedash & Quest have succeeded in doing so, and in a big way.

‘Devil Music’ starts f with a haunting Baroque orchestral intro entitled ‘Adagio’. As the intro progresses from string arrangements to heavy distortion, it sets the mood for what is to come. The middle track the EP is the single, ‘Devil Music’ which features fknsyd, a Florida based lyricist. ‘Devil Music’ is an absolute clusterf**K sound in the best way possible. This track best highlights the sound production ability Wavedash and Quest. It is high energy, relentless, but features some truly captivating moments.

When the heavy bass cuts out and fknsyd gives a ghostly interlude on top a driving, filtered beat, you will get goosebumps. The track changes tempo throughout leaving the listener not knowing what to expect at each and every drop. The final tune on the effort in ‘Star Power’. The track starts out as you might expect – a heavy onslaught bass. But the second half this tune is where things get really interesting.

‘Star Power’ ends with a pensive, if not devilishly upbeat outro. It is like watching a blue sky emerge after a harsh summer thunderstorm. The last minute slowly brings listeners back to the surface after dragging them to the depths hell. Mat Zo wanted to highlight forward-thinking artists on his imprint, and Wavedash & Quest fit description and more. Check out the new EP below.