Watch Carl Cox B2B Adam Beyer Drop Some Insane Unreleased Cirez D

Man if I tried to fit in any more icons techno into that title, it might have literally exploded. We knew for a few weeks now that Cirez D had a new EP coming soon. Eric Prydz did not hide the fact that we had new music on the way from the mouse moniker. Today though, we have found out the release date, and gotten a sneak peek at one the unreleased tracks to be featured on the EP.

Release Date

While it has become a trend and industry standard to release new music on Fridays, specifically in hopes charting, Prydz has bucked that trend. He has announced the new Cirez D EP will be released a week from today, June 25. Which is surprisingly a Monday. While this is by no means normal, I think we have all come to know that rarely anything Prydz does could be considered normal.

Carl Cox B2B Adam Beyer

In a recent B2B set Carl Cox and Adam Beyer rinsed one the Cirez D’s unreleased tunes, and it is truly a one a kind effort. Minimal, pounding and thematic are just some the words that come to mind. Prydz’s ability to play with tone and explore arrangements that have not been considered before is brilliant. Check out the preview the tune below.