Walker & Royce Team Up With Ardalan On Escapade EP

Returning to Dirtybird for the first time since their massive “Self Help” LP, Walker & Royce have joined forces with young star Ardalan on a two-track EP aimed for peak time dancefloor moments all summer long. The collaborative Escapade EP drops alongside the news a freshly-founded powerhouse trio the same name – an alignment massive proportions.

In between the madness these artists’ respective tours, Walker & Royce and Ardalan were able to find a bit time to get in the studio together to foster a new supersound that is familiar yet out this world.

“Iz Tha Shit” is a perfect instance what these guys are capable . Psychedelic vocal chops layered across a dusty 808 bassline climb this stomping, wobbly monster a tune.

“Turn It Around” starts along the same path, but digs a bit deeper before mutating into something trippy, funky, weird and amazing – a sultry treat for the senses.

Escapade EP is as dirty as it gets, gleaming with the gritty sawtooth leads and dicey percussion that has come to define the sounds these momentous artists.

Walker & Royce, Ardalan – Escapade EP