Ultra Music’s Mahmut Orhan releases music video for “6 Days”!

Mahmut Orhan is back on Ultra Records with a revamped version the 70’s song “Six Day War.” In the track, Mahmut Orhan retains Colonel Bagshot’s vocal energy, however his rework the piece revives the 1971 track, giving it a millennial appeal. Music fans may recognize this as the sample also used in DJ Shadow’s “Six Days.”

The deep bass thumping through track is guided by sitar-like strums, conveying a more worldly take on the classic English tune. The music video also emanates a worldly perspective, taking viewers on a tour vast rocky landscapes and fields and beautiful round temples. Following people from different walks life, the video focuses on a variety characters, including a Shepard, a boy flying a kite in an open field, a man riding a horse through outskirts, and many more. You can have a look at the music video below!