Tom Staar Drops Exclusive Single For Armada Music’s 15-Year Anniversary, ‘Flight Of The Buzzard’!

Two weeks after Amsterdam-based record label Armada Music turned 15 years old, Tom Staar has decided to drop a brand-new single to celebrate the anniversary in style. Made exclusively for one Armada Music’s forthcoming, 15-year-themed albums, ‘Flight Of The Buzzard’ sees the U.K. hotshot turn in an instant crowd favorite that immediately proves as impactful as his remix Spoiled and Zigo’s ‘More And More’, his previous celebratory fering to Armada Music.

Soaring straight to the top anyone’s favorite playlist, ‘Flight Of The Buzzard’ starts f with a thrilling run-up and picks up speed mid-flight to ride the momentum its own sound waves. Armed with clawing beats and powerful synth shots, this cut is destined to become the king the airwaves. You can listen the single below!