There's A Petition For Marshmello To DJ B2B With Dotcom

While Marshmello continues to troll his fans and followers with the face behind his mask, many of the facts lead us to believe that Marshmello is in fact Dotcom after all. Dotcom took his troll even one step further when he tweeted “Damn I can’t believe Marshmello is Tiesto.”

Recently we asked our Twitter fans, “who is Marshmello?” to which we learned that 63% of our fans think that Marshmello is indeed Dotcom.

Who do you think @marshmellomusic really is?

— EDM Sauce (@EDMsauce) June 21, 2016

Damn I can't believe @marshmellomusic is @tiesto

— dotcorn (@iamDOTCOM) June 20, 2016

So how can we end this guessing game all together? Well on, some geniuses have started a petition to have Marshmello go b2b with Dotcom live. One signer of the petition said they want to see this happen “because I wanna see him jump back and forth taking his helmet on and off.” We guess this will finally give us the true answer after all. Sign the petition here.

Your move Marshmello.