The Partysquad releases video for latest single “Dat Is Dat Ding”

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The Partysquad releases video for latest single “Dat Is Dat Ding”

03, March 2015by Electrotar

The Partysquad releases video for latest single “Dat Is Dat Ding”So, I’m sitting here in my house on this super dreary day in New Jersey, otherwise lethargic and unimpressed with this Sunday. And then I go on Facebook and see The Partysquad posted their latest music video. Instantly I know today’s gonna be a party. And my boys never fail me.

“Dat is Dat Ding” is the epitome of a musical pick me up. I love it specifically for a few reasons: it is constant energy throughout the entirety of the track (sometimes I don’t want a damn emotional or energy roller coaster, I just wanna be one with a dance tune the whole way through), the artists featured in it are so appropriate for the production and give the tune a warm and inviting appeal, and it stays true to The Partysquad’s stylistic traits and personalities.

The vocal and musical stylings of featured artists Jayh, Cho, Bokoesam, MocroManiac, and Reverse bring to the table an undeniable authentic dancehall feel. The artists seemed to so naturally collaborate together that I was kind of like, “Oh yeah, there’s no other way this song would be produced. Duh guys.”

I’ll be honest, I literally know about six words in the whole song. Don’t even care. This song is so happy and carefree that Β the lyrics could translate to, “Tara, you’re the worst and we legitimately want you to stop listening to this song. Please never listen to this again.” and I would still rock the fuck out to it. It’s a three minute long rave. The video makes you want to be in dat ding, that God damn party box that is throughout the whole video.

It’s a rave in a box! *in the tune of Dick in a Box*

Anyway, here’s the three minute tropical rave you need in the dead of winter. Please make sure to check out the links below to all of the artists featured, check to see if The Partysquad is coming to your town soon, and to grab your copy of “Dat is Dat Ding” today!

Grab it on iTunes

Check it out on Spotify

Keep up with The Partysquad, Jayh, Cho, Bokoesam, MocroManiac, and Reverse for the latest news and projects!

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