The Follow Up To The Most Beloved Social Media App Has Just Formally Been Announced

By BerangariaFranzen

When Vine died, a major part a lot people went with it. I have some people in my life who literally lay in bed quietly sobbing scrolling through old videos as they scream whenever someone suggests alternate social media platforms. Needless to say it was a beloved app and social media outlet. So today, Dom Hmann, the founder Vine made a major announcement that had Vine fans spitting with excitement.

He is currently working on Version 2 the app which shut down permanently in 2016 shortly after Instagram started to allow users to upload videos. Fan reactions were quick and very emotional as an outpouring gratitude was seen all over social media. For now Dom has no released any further information other than that Vine 2 is in the works. All we know now is that Dom is entirely funding the new version Vine himself and is in entire control the creative process.

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