Tchami and Malaa Brought Down The House Last Night At Red Rocks: WATCH

Daft Punk, early David Guetta, Justice – the list goes on. French house music is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to dance music. Recently two more artists have risen to the legendary ranks their peers: Tchami and Malaa. The two have reignited the French house movement in the United States. Since the artists have joined forces on their unbelievable No Redemption tour and project, fans have fallen in love with their dark, powerful take on live electronic music.

Tchami and Malaa At Red Rocks

Last night they took to the stage the legendary venue Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado. The iconic venue lies outside Denver and is one the most renowned natural amphitheaters in the entire world. The pair were supported by Mercer and unleashed one the most impressive sets Red Rocks had seen thus far in 2018. Lucky for us, and you – many people were able to capture some jaw-dropping moments from the set. If you were unable to be in attendance or want to relive the glory last night – check out the videos below. Also – Happy Birthday to Tchami!

Tchami and Malaa Red Rocks Videos