T.I. and Tiny’s Daughter Zonnique Arrested in Atlanta For Bringing A Firearm to the Airport

By NorbertReilly

Zonnique Pullins, former OMG Girl and the daughter of rap royalty T.I. and Tiny Harris, was arrested at an airport in Atlanta for trying to get a gun through security.

Reports say that while travelling through security at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, her purse triggered the metal detector. When TFA officials searched the bag, they found a pistol. The 20 year old said she had a permit for the weapon, but when it couldn’t be located, she was placed under arrest and transported to the Clayton County Jail, where she was eventually released within a matter of hours.

While Zonnique was released, the weapon was handed over to the City of Atlanta. No word yet on whether she actually does have a permit for the weapon, and what (if any) other legal actions may be taken. Stay tuned for updates


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