Steve Angello's Unreleased Song Gets Ripped Off and Sold By Producer Through iTunes

It’s safe to say that online music buying is flawed in many ways. 2 years ago, we caught wind of the infamous K3vin Envoy who was selling exact duplicates of other artists on Amazon, iTunes and other online retailers. The story went viral, but it appears that Kevin Envoy continues to putz around and post songs to his Facebook and social media accounts.

The New York based DJ and producer Vincent L. Sinnott aka Mr.13utta released a 10 track album back in 2014 titled ’13.’ While the album didn’t receive any awards, Mr.13utta included a song “Homme Sweet Home” that is exactly identical to Steve Angello‘s unreleased song “I Feel At Home.” Steve Angello originally debuted the song at Ultra Music Festival in Miami back in 2014.

Mr.13utta decided to lift the entire intro and verse from “I Feel At Home” and even copied John Martin’s vocals that also came from Ultra’s live stream. The album is still available on iTunes to purchase. Luckily a fan brought this to Steve Angello’s attention and has handed it over to his lawyers.

@SteveAngello How is that possible? Someone stole " FEEL AT HOME " and release it.

— Steve Angello TR. (@AngelloTR) June 16, 2016

People are crazy.. iΒ΄ll hand it over to my lawyers. thanks for the heads up!

— Steve Angello (@SteveAngello) June 16, 2016

Here are the two songs side-by-side.