ScHoolboy Q Calls This "Blank Face" Standout A "Bootleg A** Studio" Track: "They Made Me Put It On The Album"

Top Dawg Entertainment’s ScHoolboy Q reportedly held a listening session for his upcoming Blank Face solo album last night (June 29) and dished on one of the project’s standout tracks.

According to media sources, Q revealed his initial issues with the Miguel and Justine Skye-assisted “Overtime” song.

"It's a bootleg ass studio song. They made me put it on the album." – ScHoolboy Q on "Overtime" ft. Miguel and Justine Skye #BlankFaceLP

— IG: MidtownNate (@MidtownNate) June 30, 2016

"…label shit. They made me put that on the album" – ScHoolboy on "Overtime" 😂😂😂 #BlankFaceLP

— DJBooth (@DJBooth) June 30, 2016

Sounds like Schoolboy Q wasn't a big fan of Overtime when it was first put on the Album but he agrees that the label is Smart. #BlankFaceLP

— Dre Westfield (@SocietyyFlyy) June 30, 2016

Earlier this week, Q revealed his hip-hop collaborations wish list.

“Working on an album can be stressful, it can be fun, it can be pain. It can be a lot of things because you go through all these different emotions while you’re rapping,” ScHoolboy said. “[Who do I want to work with?] Just more OGs. DJ Quik. I want to work with Too Short one day – I want to work with MC Lars. I want to work with Snoop. These are all people from my coasts I want to work with. Other than that, everything else, if it happens, if they fit, they fit. But those people, those are people I ‘have’ to work with.” (Hot 97)

A few days ago, Q discussed piecing together his new Blank Face album.

“I recorded at my house. I had a lot of time and I did whatever I wanted to do. I never felt rushed or pressured. Sometimes, when you’re in a big studio, you do studio time as a 12-hour session, so you feel like you gotta do everything that day. This time, I was able to work on a record for 24 hours and I never felt this happy in my life working on a record.” (Rap-Up)

ScHoolboy also downplayed the importance of worrying about record sales.

“Last album went No. 1. Due to streams, it’s platinum, I guess. It was already gold. I was blessed with that. I had platinum singles. It was just dope, man. I did everything I wanted to do as a rapper – At this point in my career, numbers is not a thing to me. I don’t care about a single. I don’t care about none of that. This is what it is. You like it? You don’t? I’m onto the next one anyways.” (Rap-Up)

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