Romeo Miller Hints At Possible "Empire" Role In Season 3

Hip-hop artist Romeo Miller has revealed his possible involvement in the upcoming Fox hit “Empire” television series this week.

Miller went to Instagram Wednesday (June 29) and dished on reading lines for the popular series.

Romeo Miller Hints At Possible "Empire" Role In Season 3

Recent reports revealed “Empire” guest star rapper Xzibit’s “Shyne” character would play a key role in season three.

Empire showrunner Ilene Chaiken foreshadowed Xzibit’s status upgrade in an interview with TVLine last month, telling us Shyne will be “a central character” in Lucious’ Season 3 storyline. The EP, meanwhile, stressed to back in May that, “Shyne isn’t necessarily an adversary, although I think he could become an adversary. “Lucious has a long history with him — history that’s going to come back and bite Lucious for a lot of earlier slights,” she continued. “If you have a guy who’s not afraid to die, not afraid to go to prison, that’s a very dangerous adversary.” (TVLine)

In mid-June, the show’s Instagram page revealed its long-awaited sesaon three return date.

Romeo Miller Hints At Possible "Empire" Role In Season 3

Last month, actress/singer Mya informed SOHH about her interest in appearing on “Empire.”

“I would want to go on “Empire” and not play myself. I would want to go on there and play a role that is completely opposite of what people expect of me as a true actress,” Mya told SOHH. “So of course I would love that opportunity. It’s an awesome show and it has everything to do with business and entertainment in the game.” (SOHH)

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