Rezz Announces 2018 Will Be Focused On Production With A More Manageable Touring Schedule

By BerangariaFranzen

Rezz seemed to be at multiple events every day in 2017. The explosion popularity that occurred in the latter half 2016 forced Rezz to pretty much constantly be on the move for the entirety 2017. This takes a serious toll on an artist. Being away from home, constantly traveling and not being able to focus on production can seriously stress and burn out some one whose job is being creative.

Rezz has announced that in 2018 she will focus more on production than wide scale touring. That being said she was quick to make things clear that she would in fact still be playing several high level festivals. We are happy to see Rezz taking care herself first and foremost, as more time with production also means more dope new music to come soon. We need that Virtual Self Remix gurrrrll. That is straight fire!

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