Recent "Skrillex Leak" Was Actually Created By Another Producer

Whenever a track has been leaked, especially when it is credited to Skrillex, usually the views or downloads the track easily rise in high numbers. A few months ago, there was a leaked track that was reported to have been created by Skrillex. Unfortunately, it wasn’t actually produced by him.

On Youtube, the video track “Skrillex – Gangsta (New Song 2018)” is actually an AFK remix to Jackal’s “Gunshot.” Obviously, the credit for the track has been given to the wrong person. It took almost 350,000 views before someone was able to discover that this track was created by someone else entirely. Not only this, but this “unreleased” track was actually released last year. Sadly the original track has received a little more than 41,000 views.

Not everything on the internet is completely accurate, that’s why it’s important you don’t believe everything that you find. If it weren’t for someone pointing out that the song was actually an AFK remix, this would have continued to be falsely credited. Unfortunately, the false credited video is still up on Youtube, so it is likely to continue deceiving dozens people.

Check out the false video track and the real one below.