Ngyn Talks About His Upcoming Release '8-Bit Adventures'

This Friday (May 11th), Ngyn is releasing his brand new single “8-Bit Adventures.” The song follows in the 8-Bit genre, with many twists and turns throughout the way. During a recent interview, we talked to Ngyn about this upcoming release.

First all, tell us about “NGYN” What’s the reason behind the artist name?
“The name came from some the letters my last name, there’s nothing really crazy about it, but I’ve always had a thing for 4 letter alias. Just cause I think it’s easier to read and pronounce. To me it looks cool? Not really to sure, but I couldn’t find a word that or name that would work to identify myself, either cause it was super corny or already taken (K?D, Btw I really love Kid… don’t tell him that..) going through about 20+ names, I just used the last bit my last name since there really wasn’t any artist I knew too much using their last name.”

How do you pronounce it?
“This is a question that gets asked a lot not just for “NGYN” but in general my last name, Nguyen. (this question makes for a great conversation starter. Most people usually just read the letters “N” “G” “Y” “N” or if people really want to try they say “NE” “GU” “YEN” but it’s probably better for people to say the letters then try to pronounce it as I’ll always laugh at the countless attempts. For anyone who does want to know how to say my last name it’s just “NU” “WHEN” (Yes it’s that simple yet super hard to read, I really don’t know why I was cursed with an illogically complicated last name..”

Tell us how you got started producing:
“I started around the time I started high school. Growing up was a little more difficult as I didn’t really have the guidance to be “Normal” or “cool” (if it’s really a thing) and so I usually stayed away from people and skipped school a lot cause bullying and just not fitting in. And so I would usually stay home and tried to keep myself occupied to not think about what was happening in my life. I was a huge fan EDM, cause I would usually have a playlist going on in the background while playing a lot online games. I met a lot people on popular multiplayer games. Just cause I could be myself while also playing some badass character, it was almost an escape from reality. One day a track played in the background that just hit home with everything I felt at that moment. And so I searched around a lot to find music that had meaning in it, and was relatable, at some point there just wasn’t something to explain the feeling inside being alone and somewhat confused and broken. Since I was alone a lot the time I taught myself how to produce and make music. It was super difficult at first (Still is), but over time I was able to translate something I couldn’t put into words, into something I could hear and feel every note.”

What was your inspiration for 8-Bit Adventures?
“Since I stayed home a lot as a kid, I loved playing games and watching anime, and growing up it only grew stronger. I’m a huge nerd when it comes to anime and games, I love reading about all the theory the game and the meaning the animes I watch. I was always thinking finding a way trying to include game/anime into my music, and so I one day I just said screw it and just threw anything I could think . I was thinking so many games and songs at that time, Final Fantasy, Megaman, Mario, Sonic, Sword art online, and a whole lot more. They all had an adventure theme to them and so naturally 8 bit was supposed to sound like a happy adventure. Honestly, I was surprised myself how it came out, as I’d never thought I could make “kawaii/8bit” style EDM music. Probably will try to this more ten haha.”

How has gaming influenced you in your life?
“Before learning to make music, I played a lot games to escape reality to be someone I wanted to be. Games have really helped me learn to talk to people. (Mostly cause I was asking for help to clear a boss haha) and cause that I learned how to make friends and was able to transfer that to life. I was always shy and had a really hard time talking in general cause I shudder more than a stalling car. (Trust me you would laugh if you heard me trying to read you this while I’m nervous.) I honestly would have to thank all the people that are still in my life that I’ve met from all the MMORPG game’s I’ve played. (Still do once in awhile hehe.. Don’t tell my parents and manager).”

Listen to a preview the new release here: