Millennials Have Quickly Abandoned Snapchat

As everyone knows, Snapchats once new update was a huge mistake. The company has suffered tremendously since the update was initiated. In consequence to it, millions people either stopped using the app or deleted it entirely. Some these people were artists and celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, DJ Snake, and Tchami.

Recently, according to a survey on YouGov, “the app’s new layout has erased over two years’ worth positive feelings among millennials.” In February, the satisfaction score for users between the ages 18-34 was 27. In mid-April, the score dropped to 12.

Truthfully, it isn’t surprising to hear that the number millennials on Snapchat have dropped. Snapchat should have expected this to occur when they agreed to keep this new update. As now, they have tried to make a few changes to benefit users, but yet, it still isn’t compelling enough for old users to download the app again. If Snapchat continues to stay with the new update, they can be at serious risk earning a lower rate than they do now.

Do you think Snapchat should still convert back to their old update even with the new changes they made in the last month? Tell us what you think about the issue in the comments below.