Marshmello Teams Up With Disney Channel's DuckTales For New Music Video

Marshmello has always had a unique branding about him. As most mystery artists can say – the enigma their identity helps drive excitement around their music. Even after the mystery Marshmello’s identity was solved, the artist has worked tirelessly to stand out from the pack in creative ways. Even though Rolling Stone rated his most recent album, Joytime II only 1.5/5 stars, fans have been exceptionally pleased with his return to EDM.

Rolling Stone has notoriously hated anything that falls into the “having fun” category for dance music. While the publication continues to struggle with the new generation music fans, Marshmello hasn’t look back. In his latest music video for the track ‘Fly’, Marshmello recruited the help Disney Channel’s original series, DuckTales.

Marshmello and DuckTales Team Up For Music Video

Get ready for a healthy dose nostalgia as this music video almost entirely features scenes from DuckTales. Marshmello has always been a kid friendly artist, and this music video hits that point home ever farther. Even if you are not the biggest mello fan, this one will absolutely make you smile. Check it out below.