Madeon Teases New Announcement With Help From The Pixel Empire Podcast

Like many artists the same caliber, Madeon has a cult following. Rezz has her cult, Bassnectar has his Bass Heads, and Madeon has The Pixel Empire. His fans went so far as to create a podcast dedicated to discussing the artist, as well as music productions.

Madeon is incredibly involved with his fans. So much so that when guys who started The Pixel Empire podcast reached out to Madeon about appearing on the show. Not only did Madeon agree to be featured on a future episode, but also let slip that he has a major announcement that he is saving for the show.

Madeon Teases Big Announcement

While we know that Madeon has been hard at work on a new album, this announcement could be almost anything. It could be a release date, news a new single, or even a tour or show announcement. As now, no date has been scheduled for his appearance on the show.

Check out the podcast here.