Lil B Has Officially Put The Curse On D’Angelo Russell

When will these people learn that Lil B is not one to mess with?!

After successfully cursing James Harden and Kevin Durant in this year’s and past years’ playoffs, The BasedGod has his eyes on another victim — Los Angeles Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell.

Appearing on ESPN’s Sportsnation earlier today, Lil B lets viewers know that despite their difficult season, the next NBA star cursed is officially D’Angelo. We wonder if this has anything to do with D’Angelo ratting out teammate Nick Young a couple months back.

To make matters worse for Laker Nation, Lil B went on to say how great of an organization the Clippers are (the Lakers’ rival) and how he expects them to do well this upcoming season and moving forward. Which basically means the Clippers will win the championship next year, because Lil B.

Watch the curse-placing below and also, be sure to catch his epic entrance below.

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