Legendary House DJ Dropped From Shows After Admitting To Sexual Harrasement

English DJ and producer, Jackmaster, has found himself in hot water lately. Earlier this week Jackmaster released a statement in which he apologized for drunken behavior and harassing women after one of his sets. While Jackmaster did admit his wrongs, the public and his victims have not been entirely receptive to his apology.

Jackmaster explained with a surprising amount of transparency that he was intoxicated on GHB and alcohol on the night of the incident in question. He doubled down by saying that he does not want to use his substance abuse to an excuse for the behavior. The victim of the harassment explained that she felt the apology was a bit inauthentic and hi-jacked by attempts at humor from commenters.

“I was abusive and acted lewdly and inappropriately towards numerous members of staff at the festival—both female and male—during a drug-induced blackout, which I had put myself into after my performance by drinking a substance called GHB.”

Now Jackmaster has begun to feel the heat from his actions as he has been dropped from a headlining show scheduled to take place this December. As the tides continue to turn against sexual misconduct in the dance music industry, more artists have been forced to course correct their typical lude behaviors. At EDM Sauce we wholeheartedly support victims brave enough to speak out.

We hope that Jackmaster can correct his mistakes moving forward and that one-day dance music will be a safe place for everyone – regardless of sex, orientation, race or religions.

Source: Magnetic Mag