KSHMR Is The First Producer To Combine These Styles In His Latest Song: LISTEN

KSHMR is once again lighting the dance music world on fire. This week he released the unbelievable Sounds Of KSHMR Vol. 3 sample pack to help aspiring producers achieve the sound which they crave. While many artists would relax after the completion of such a massive project, KSHMR of course just doubled down.

Today, he teased a new track on Soundcloud called ‘Good Vibes Soldier’. While the clip of the new record is brief the general picture of the tune can be ascertained. To say that it is impressive is an understatement.

KSHMR has always gone out of his way to be creative, specifically through the incorporation of traditional Indian elements in his productions. While we now know that big room works perfectly with KSHMR’s production style, it seems that the same can be said about reggaeton.

Check out the clip below, and stay tuned for details on when this track will see an official release.