Kill The Noise – FUK UR MGMT (NGHTMRE Remix) Free DL

Kill The Noise - FUK UR MGMT (NGHTMRE Remix) Free DLNghtmre has climbed the dance music stratosphere and has become a household name. There are very few producers that show the creativity and boldness that Nghtmre demonstrates, and while technically you can categorize him in the bass/dubstep realm, his beats incorporate such a broad range of sounds and influences that they truly on another level. His latest remix of Kill The Noise‘s “FUK UR MGMT”Β is riding the same wave of massive, frantic, dubby and electro sounds that have been defining the young producer. The track begins by leading into aΒ transforming wave of filthy trap and dubstep sounds then throws the listener a curveball during the final climax that you have to hear to experience the sheer hyperactivity. As always Nghtmre is releasing this tune for free and will no doubt be a powerful dancefloor weapon this festival season.