I AM HARDWELL 2014: Why This Tour Will Be Different

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I AM HARDWELL 2014: Why This Tour Will Be Different

21, October 2014by Matthew Grimalda

I AM HARDWELL 2014: Why This Tour Will Be Different

At the moment, Hardwell is probably still celebrating the fact that he was voted #1 overall in the DJ Mag Top 100 for the second straight year in a row. Not only that, but he is currently gearing up to head back to North America for his highly anticipated I AM HARDWELL 2014 North American Tour.

While Hardwell has hit the road in the US before, whether by bus or plane, Hardwell has something to prove with this one. After winning the top award for that any DJ aspires to win, it is now a call of action for Hardwell to go out and prove why he should be voted the #1 DJ in the world.

So, what can fans expect from the upcoming I AM HARDWELL Tour? Well, no one really knows, since it hasn’t begun yet here in the States. But if you have seen any of his performances as part of the world tour over sees, you can expect it to be something just as massive here in the States.

Fans can expect a one-of-a-kind, exclusive 3-hour set to kick things off. Everything has been tailored made to give the fan the most in-depth Hardwell experience that they can get. From the visuals to the stage design, everything has been inspired by Hardwell’s music andhis vision. Playing a 3-hour set gives Hardwell the freedom to play his massive known hits, new collaborations, and fully showcase his range as a DJ.

Fans who have watched the I AM HARDWELL documentary witnessed the intense brainstorming sessions that Hardwell has put into his world tour. Now, fans in North America will be able to witness for the first, and last time. This leg of Hardwell’s tour is the very last of it all. After his performance at Madison Square Garden, it is time to close the chapter on this story and open up a brand new one. Will we see you there?

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I AM HARDWELL 2014: Why This Tour Will Be Different

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