Hippie Sabotage Puts Security Guard Into Chokehold at What The Festival

With Oregon’s What The Festival coming to an end, today we were notified about an incident that took place during the weekend’s festivities.

Just 30 minutes into Hippie Sabotage’s set on Saturday, security guards moved in to shut down the rowdy duo’s set. According to eyewitnesses, after cutting the mic, the duo began throwing the mics into the nearby pool. This resulted in the security guards attempting to control the duo. In response Hippie Sabotage put one of the security guards in a chokehold and began fighting one another.

“So right when they got on, the one with the beard started screaming ‘I DONT GIVE A FUCK’ over and over,” said one eyewitness. “The sound guy said something to him about it and he didn’t like it so he got in the sound guys face.”

Watch this inexcusable actions by Hippie Sabotage below:

Hippie Sabotage responded to the situation by saying “It was an unfortunate event that placed us in an unsafe situation in the middle of our performance. We feel terrible that the fans didn’t get the full set, but we love performing for Portland and will be back.”

Look at how some of the fans have responded below:

H/t: Williamette Week