Here’s G Herbo & Dave East’s XXL Freshmen 2016 Roundtable Interview

We’ve already received part 1 and 2 of the XXL Freshmen 2016 Roundtable interviews, and today, we have part 3 with G Herbo and Dave East.

Both artists sat down to talk about being part of the 2016 Freshman class, what it means for their career, and much more.

East tells XXL, “Today has been dope, I ain’t going to front, it’s been long but I’m happy to be a part of it, meeting the artists that’s on the cover. There’s a couple I already knew and even meeting the new ones. A few people music I wasn’t even familiar with but I’ve been hearing it today while we been in here.”

While the Chicago native, G Herbo recalls growing up and reading the XXL covers. He adds, “I grew up looking at XXL Magazine, Snoop, Dre down to Meek and so forth..”

Watch the full interview below.

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