Galantis Return With Luscious Vocal Heavy Single [LISTEN HERE]

Galantis is one the most recognized artists in dance music today. Their hit singles such as ‘Runaway’ and ‘You’ have helped them explode far outside the dance music realm. In recent years the duo has experimented with new sounds outside their signature style with varied success. Today, the guys have continued this experimentation trend in a new single, ‘Spaceship’. How does it live up to their previous work? Let’s find out…

Galantis – ‘Spaceship’

At the heart this single are the captivating vocals by ‘Uffie’. The lyricist’s vocal hook is repeated throughout the track, giving it an almost hypnotic quality. While in the past Galantis was known for their intense, energetic vocal productions, they took a more subtle approach with ‘Spaceship’, and it works very well.

You will find all the usual Galantis elements in this track. A sample children counting down, a filtered down chorus complete with clapping, and course a catchy as all get out hook. These are just some the elements that make up ‘Spaceship’. While many traditional Galantis elements appear throughout, ‘Spaceship’ marks a bit a departure for the duo, they are continuing to explore new paradigms in dance music, and seem to really be honing their craft with each release.

Galantis carry a lot more production weight than they did years ago, so it is wonderful to hear that they are still dropping some quality tracks. Check out the new single below.