G Jones Takes To His Social Media To Champion Better Harm Reduction Practices By Festivals

G Jones is one of the most exciting producers in the industry right now. He out of the box production style and dark wild sounds have quickly made him a fan favorite. This past weekend G Jones performed at Lost Lands 2018. The festival saw at least two deaths over the weekend, and many speculate the final number will be much higher.

Upon hearing the news, G Jones took to Twitter to try and drum up support for more festival to practice sound harm reduction. Organizations like The Bunk Police and DanceSafe routinely attend festivals and hand out testing kits. Many times due to insurance issues festivals decide to shut the charities down.

RAVE Act Backfires Entirely

This fear of legal action comes from a highly controversial and seriously flawed piece of legislation: The RAVE act. The bill was pushed through in hopes of shutting down illegal RAVES and reduce drug consumption at events. Unfortunately, and like many times before, the government’s attempt at harm reduction has backfire thoroughly.

The RAVE act states that no gathering can have an area designed for the consumption of illegal substances. While the article in the bill is vague, testing sites can fall under that umbrella.

After deaths at both Lost Lands and Nocturnal Wonderland this past weekend, it is clear that we need to do something about adulterated drugs. Stay safe out there everyone.