Future's Sick Of The Desiigner Comparisons: "I Don't Even Want His Name In The Article"

Atlanta rapper Future is letting it be known he has no interest in being compared to hip-hop newcomer Desiigner and stressed his stance in a new Rolling Stone cover story.

Within his feature, Future specifically requests Desiigner’s name not to appear in the write-up.

Brooklyn rapper Desiigner has been dominating radio with “Panda,” a song so derivative in its lyrics and production that Mike Will, for one, thought it was a Future track on first listen. (Future is reluctant to address this subject: “I never worried about anyone else … I don’t even want his name in the article,” he says of Desiigner.) (Rolling Stone)

In April, Desiigner teased fans about an upcoming mixtape and appeared to reference Future’s Purple Reign project in the process.

Future's Sick Of The Desiigner Comparisons: "I Don't Even Want His Name In The Article"

A few months ago, Desiigner addressed the constant Future comparisons.

“It is what it is – people gonna try to compare me. It is what it is. I know I am Desiigner. I’m just letting people know. Ain’t no motherf*ckin’ disrespect to him. May that man be God-blessed, man, keep doing his thing hitting the motherf*ckin’ charts. Keep doing his thing, but I’m Desiigner.” (HHDX)

Recently, G-Unit leader 50 Cent compared Desiigner to Future’s sound.

“I see artists having the ability to be artists because they’re meeting the audience before they’re meeting the record companies. I got a chance to hear this kid, I think he signed with Kanye [West] and them. Desiigner. I’m not sure if he’s going to be able to make another record because he only recorded two songs but the one that he did reminded me of Future. Now how good is that? See, this is what I’m saying to you – because I don’t personalize because it’s not me. If Future said he was uncomfortable with it, then maybe I would be like, ‘Nah, yeah, you did kinda bite that, that style.’ But when he doesn’t say that, for me, I’ve had artists that reminded me of me like Troy Ave and when it came out I was like this [‘Hmmm…’]. I didn’t say nothing the whole time he was talking because I wanted to see who he is. And then when you see that he’s consistent – then it’s like, ‘Nah, I kinda like it,’ because I want the style to survive.” (“Shade 45 StreetzIzWatchin”)

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