Friendly Fire? Wiz Khalifa & Popcaan Go At It During Red Bull ‘Culture Clash’ Event

Earlier tonight, the 2016 Red Bull Culture Clash event took place between Taylor Gang, Eskimo Dance, Mixpak and UKG Allstars. The Mixpak team included Popcaan who premiered a brand new version of Drake’s “One Dance”, but not before some harsh words for another team.

“F*ck Wiz Khalifa” he shouted. If this was the only thing mentioned, it would have definitely been classed as some friendly competition. However, in his response, Wiz didn’t seem to take too kindly to the shoutout and song.

“Poptart. I know you gave Drake a handjob for that drop, but that wasn’t a real dub. That wasn’t a real dub. That was a drop, that wasn’t a dub. I can play his album too, motherf*cker. He gave me a drop too, motherf*cker.”

Below you can check out the footage of Popcaan premiering the record and Wiz Khalifa’s full response. Will anything come of this?

🎥 @Mixpak dropped a @Drake One Dance dubplate at #CultureClash… but was it enough for them to win it???

— Stagedoor FM (@StagedoorFM) June 17, 2016

Wiz khalifa licks shots at popcaan lol …

— O (@HEgotGAME88) June 18, 2016

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