Faethoms Remixes Twenty One Pilots and It's Amazing

After almost 5 months, Faethoms has returned with a massive remix of Twenty One Pilots’ Ride,
that you definitely need to listen to. This up and coming act had solidified their future house
sound after their release of Mariana’s Trench via the Artist Intelligence Agency in March, and
then “kinda hibernated”. It is now very obvious that the group had been cultivating a new sound
that is unmistakably a huge step in a new and powerful direction. Jumping ship from their typical
128bpm vibe, they have entered into a whole new realm boasting forward this explosive Future
Bass remix. The remix starts life sounding pretty similar to the original song by the chart toping
pop sensation, and then it takes on a whole persona after the familiar chorus comes in. From
there, Faethoms builds so much tension that the drop is a beautiful release of powerful synths
and catchy melodies. This tune is no joke, and Faethoms seems to be onto something that is
bound to bring them into the forefront of this dance music industry.