Fabolous Might Drop New Music All Summer Sixteen: "I'm Ready To Come" [Video]

Brooklyn rap veteran Fabolous has announced plans to release some long-awaited new music in the coming weeks.

According to Loso, fans can expect a fresh audio project or two to arrive next month.

“I think I’m gonna throw something out in July,” Fab revealed when asked about releasing new music. “I might go back July and August. I got so much music, it’s just really me figuring when I’m going to just let it out or how to let it out. … I got some summertime music so that’s why I’m ready to come. I’m ready.” (“The Breakfast Club”)


In March, Fab confirmed plans to hook up with The LOX’s Jadakiss for a new joint effort.

“Oh yeah man, me and Jada were just [together]. He came to my party – in Charlotte and we was talking about doing a couple things and we’re going to do a mixtape. Yeah, I want to do a mixtape but we’re going to do iTunes too. Yeah. TIDAL is the family so we gotta work with TIDAL.” (WiLD 94.1)

A few weeks prior, Fab hinted at releasing a new project with Jada.

Fabolous Might Drop New Music All Summer Sixteen: "I'm Ready To Come" [Video]

Initially slated to arrive a few months ago, Fab recently said production issues had caused a solo album to suffer a delay.

“I was supposed to drop The Young OG Project 2 on Christmas but I needed some more clearance time. My samples weren’t clearing in time. [Summertime Shootout] performed very well so I wanted to give it some room to breathe. I want to shoot some videos off it. I’m going to push The Young OG Project to February and use the month of January to promote [it]. You don’t really realize how close Thanksgiving and Christmas are until you actually live it.” (Hot 97)

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