Enhance your house playlist with Davi Hemann remix for Rival’s “In the Dark” !

With every release, Davi Hemann continues to impress and show the world what he is capable at such a young age. With nearly a decade instrument playing and musical performance behind him already, at the age only 17, Davi Hemann is setting the Brazilian Bass scene alight. 2018 has seen the release his own tracks ‘Blackjack’ on Spinnup Records, ‘Alone’ with Irrix and more recently a remix ‘Wild Ones’ from Sia and Flo RIda. With such a turn around in creating tracks, he is taking leaps towards stardom with his amazing unique sound.

His new remix ‘In The Dark’ is an example everything he does best. Forceful drums kick f the track, leading in to the incredible vocal from Max Landry. Building to a crescendo in classic Hemann style, the drop is Future House infused with pulsating bass and hard-hitting synthesis taking the lead. Effortlessly flowing from section to section, the listener is positively encapsulated on the twists and turns the track has to fer. Waiting with baited breath for the next injection bass, you find yourself hanging f every single element in the track. Davi Hemann delivers a sensational remix a raucous original track, showing he is capable adding all the components necessary to take his career to the next level.

Available for free download at the link below, make sure you show your support for Brazil’s rising star on his social media platforms!