Electric Zoo 2018 Exclusive Interview: Herobust

If you don’t know the name Herobust by now you have surely been sleeping under a rock. This is one artist who has been doing big things for quite awhile now and is definitely one of the more well known acts in the bass music scene today. Over the years he’s been putting out some dope music and playing at the world’s biggest festivals, and it doesn’t seem like he’ll be stoping anytime soon.

I was able to talk with him for a bit at Ezoo this past weekend, we went into everything from his current music all the way to the beginnings of his career. Enjoy!

-So how was the show?

-How has your summer been? What festival was your favorite?

So how many times have you played at Ezoo?

-How many times have you been to New York?

-So as far as music goes, you just recently came out with your single “WTF”. How do you feel about the reaction that’s been getting?

-You have an EP coming out soon, is there anything in particular you’re really hyped for when it comes out?

-Touring wise what is your plan around the EP?

I have to say sitting down and talking with Herobust for a bit was such a pleasure. He is a dope dude and an insanely talented artist, looking forward to all of the big things to come for him. Be on the lookout for him on tour and keep an eye out for his new EP!

Electric Zoo 2018 Exclusive Interview: Herobust