Dirty South Stimulates Both Sight And Sound With New Short Movie ‘With You’

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Dirty South Stimulates Both Sight And Sound With New Short Movie ‘With You’

23, September 2014by Matthew Grimalda

Dirty South is known for his unique productions, amazing live performances, and epic story-telling through his songs. But now, Dirty South has taken his one-of-a-kind vision to all new heights with the release of his brand new short-film, With You.

Released today through iTunes, With You follows the story of a young man named Johnny, hailing from a broken in the middle of nowhere. His life changes one night when he sees a young girl while he is riding his. All of a sudden, he is hit by a passing truck. Scene cuts to the young man laying out the ground dying, until the girl, Aurelia, that caught his eye in the first place, brings him back to life with a special power that she posses.

Once she breathes life back into the one him, the two are destined for great things. We follow the story of these two and their blossoming love. All is well until one afternoon, a kiss between the two changes everything, and his memory of her is lost. Fast-forward to 15 years later in the heart of Los Angeles, and Johnny is now grown up and trying to survive as a struggling artist. But still, this girl haunts all of his thoughts of creation.

The movie reaches it apex around Johnny trying to find Aurelia again, who is the center of his artistic feeling. With a twist-ending that no one saw coming, Dirty South helped create a beautiful piece of work that fans will be reeling about for a long time coming.

To coincide with the short film, Dirty South created a full album that is the premise for the movie. Having listened to the full album, it is something that fans will not be expecting. Those looking for the four-to-the-floor beats, with big room anthem qualities should not see that in this album. Instead, Dirty South took a page out of M83’s book and created a masterpiece that combines synths, drums, and vocals, but in a darker, more emotional, electronic styling.

Fans will be able to listen to pieces of the entire album by watching the new film, With You. With a great supporting cast to coincide with the overall artist beauty of the alubm, Dirty South has created something that fans will be talking about for some time. If there is one thing that we can say about this movie, it is that it is a must watch for anyone, fan of music or movies in general.

Dirty South Stimulates Both Sight And Sound With New Short Movie ‘With You’

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